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For the fourth consecutive year, we will once again participate in the Madrid Architecture Festival, Madrid Open House.

For us it is always a reason for double celebration since each year it usually coincides with our anniversary, October 1st. We were born with a clear vocation for architecture, the international day of architecture … coincidence? We do not believe in coincidences … and as it is already tradition, at this time we make our particular tribute.

And to be able to enjoy and get to know new projects, you do not have to travel far… every year we bring to Madrid the best architecture, converting our Greenhouse space into an architectural gallery and as a photographic exhibition, try to approach each project in a sensory way, to that you can feel not only the houses but also the sounds, the smells of the place… this year we made a sample of SOLO HOUSES, the first collection of holiday homes in Europe, which we have the privilege of incorporating into our portfolio to market them for rent.

A unique project for which its promoters Christian Bourdais and Eva Albarrán sought a land without human visual contamination, an intact landscape of the hand of man … and chose the region of Matarraña in Teruel … a breathtaking landscape in which they began to create this dream.

An architecture that merges with nature. 15 projects, 15 different experiences of the 21st century, with the hope that they will last over time.

They chose young promises of architecture for each project … always giving free rein to the imagination and creativity of each architect … only one condition: to question each and every one of the conventions associated with the typical second home … reinvent the holiday homes of the future.

Solo houses is the no-time. It is past, it is present and it is future.

Currently SOLO HOUSES has developed two projects SOLO KGDVS AND SOLO PEZO. You can find more information in our rentals section, in contemporary architecture.

We could enjoy the company of its promoters Eva and Christian, friends, clients, architecture lovers … we leave the photos of the exhibition.

A great weekend thanks to all who came to see us.

We hope to celebrate many more festivals and anniversaries with you. Thanks Madrid Open House for so much.


Photographs of the exhibition at El Invernadero: Javier de Paz García
Studio: Balloon

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