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From 8 to 14 September, two major international artists will be exhibiting their work, creating an immersive space where different artistic forms enter into dialogue. “Orillero” is part of the cycle of exhibitions “Desdibujar Fronteras en el arte” that Art U Ready is proposing this year and which alludes to the rupture with the line that categorises and pigeonholes artists.

On this occasion, Dagoberto Rodríguez delves into the field of design, a new field for him. He will present his unique pieces of furniture, creating a dialogue between them and the art of Nuria Mora, with whom he will create a chromatic universe, where nothing is what it seems: objects become art, and works of art become objects.

Drawings and paintings in geometric shapes and bright colours, modern furniture and objects with Caribbean touches: a powerful and welcoming installation. Works with life and volume, charged with meaning and with an intention to tell.

Dagoberto Rodríguez, Cuban artist, was co-founder in Havana of Los Carpinteros, a renowned contemporary art collective in the 1990s. Since then, his work has not stopped growing, unharmed by the separation of the collective 20 years later. El Carpintero has been able to reinvent himself and work with different techniques: architecture, design and sculpture, with which he deals with social and artistic themes with a touch of irony. His works have been exhibited in museums and cultural institutions all over the world.

Nuria Mora is one of the most renowned artists on the Madrid scene, a pioneer of Spanish urban art. From her beginnings in the 90s, painting the streets with murals that broke with what was understood as graffiti: combining geometric and organic forms, to exhibiting her murals in the Tate Modern in London, Japan and Germany. In recent years he has focused on his plastic work, creating sculptures, installations and jewellery, collaborating with names such as Grassy, Loewe and Ikea.
“Orillero” presented by Art U Ready, the platform created to give visibility to artists with a transversal and peripheral outlook, aligned with values that improve society. They define themselves as a constantly evolving cell of ideas that fuse architecture, art, design, technology, education and awareness.

As organiser and main sponsor, The Sibarist is the driving force behind this proposal. Our commitment is to highlight contemporary architecture and signature homes, promoting a lifestyle in which architecture, design and art converge to create a unique experience. We believe in art as an engine that moves the world, creativity and values. Hand in hand with artists, craftsmen, architects, designers, together building a better planet.

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