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ART U READY : reflections on our consumption habits

"Tez", a tribute to the passage of time

ART U READY made a call to action with the exhibition “Tez” by artist Carla Cascales Alimbau, who pays tribute to the natural passage of time through our skin, an allegory to life as an indivisible part of our planet. This exhibition makes us reflect on our consumption habits, highlighting the enduring as opposed to the slavery of fashions, since the most sustainable product is that which is designed to last the longest.

In ART U READY, dissemination is very important; for this occasion we have both the artist herself and two people who are behind brands with a conscience in line with our art and values projects: Ana Carrasco from Malababa and Gavina Ligas from Atelier Aletheia to answer some questions related to upcycling and sustainability in fashion.

We would like to thank Marta Cascales Alimbau for the piece of music “Almost here” that we listened to in the interviews.

Carla Cascales, artist

What sustainability values are there in “Tez”?

How do you conceive the beauty of the passage of time?

Why El Invernadero as an exhibition space?

Ana Carrasco from Malababa

What is “upcycling” and how do you apply it?

What kind of materials do you recycle?

Gavina Ligas from Atelier Aletheia

What is the initial process of artisanal dyeing like?

What is one of the most sustainable dyes?

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