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Charity event in the context ART U READY 2018 in Wunderhouse

Debajo del Sombrero is a non-profit association of national scope declared of Public Utility that promotes and facilitates the learning of artists with intellectual disability. Their workshops are developed in spaces that enable learning and dialogue with other artists, as well as the realization of both individual and collective projects. On February 21 was held in Wunderhouse an auction with works by the artists of Debajo del Sombrero in favor of the association itself.

Photographs: Pedro de Agustín

In the event we have works by the artists Esther González, Miguel Ángel Hernando, Marta Páramo, Jorge Bermejo and Sergio Carnicero. González’s paintings are masses of vivid colour that vibrate announcing a language with strength and personality clearly his, while Hernando’s are monochromatic, where the detail and the complication of the network of reticles and meshes used to decorate them are the protagonists. Páramo, on the other hand, allows us to enter its world, a place with its soul that lets see through color and form.

Photographs: Nahuel Furrer

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