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Eliurpi, “Del arte al objeto y del objeto al arte”, from 21 to 26 February 2022


ART U READY returns during ARCO week with a new exhibition, “Del arte al objeto y del objeto al arte” (From Art to Object and from Object to Art), an exhibition project by the artistic duo Eliurpi.  Eliurpi is also their fashion firm, created by Elisabet Urpí and Nacho Umpiérrez, under which they create iconic pieces considered “useful art” in the form of hats. In this exhibition they propose to blur the existing boundaries between design and art by exploring and delving into their most artistic facet. Their work is a story of honest beauty.

With this exhibition ART U READY vindicates the value of artistic transversality. Architecture, design and art intermingle, incorporating craftsmanship as a vehicle that gives voice to artistic expression and creation.  

Nothing is what it seems, objects that become art and works of art that become objects.  The spectator will be able to experience the connection and links with each of the pieces, inspired by architecture, geometries, the Bauhaus movement and which pay homage to the earth, both through the natural materials used and the chromatic tones that bring us closer to the essence of nature. Works with life, volume and movement with a story to tell. A tribute to the ancestral, to craftsmanship and to the sincerity of a conscious work that promotes another way of doing things. Authentic sustainability far from fashions, pure coherence and conviction.

This will be Eliurpi’s first exhibition, in which we will be able to immerse ourselves in his universe of shapes, materials and textures made up of unique artworks created for the show, both pictorial and sculptural, and limited edition objects for ART U READY.

On the other hand, ART U READY 2022 will focus on blurring borders, giving visibility to projects where different disciplines intermingle and betting on artistic diversity.

The exhibition will be held at El Invernadero in 11 San Lorenzo St. of Madrid, headquarters of ART U READY.

Opening: 21 February, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Exhibition opening hours from 22 to 26 February: from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Location: El Invernadero The Sibarist. 11, San Lorenzo St. Courtyard. Madrid.

For the inauguration we will have exceptional partners such as Bang & Olufsen, a Danish company with 95 years of tradition of emblematic and iconic audiovisual equipment. Leaders both for their technological quality and commitment to innovation, which achieves the best sound on the market thanks to their continuous research, and for their timeless design with noble materials and craftsmanship.  We will enjoy their elegant musical heritage pieces to accompany our exhibition with the best sound.


Elisabet Urpí and Nacho Umpiérrez are an artistic duo who work and share a way of life, both professionally and personally.  Under the name Eliurpi they present their creations in the form of objects, headdresses and hats. With a very defined aesthetic and coherent with their values, they create unique pieces that are closer to art than to the object itself, always versatile. These multidisciplinary artists draw their inspiration from architecture, contemporary art and especially the Bauhaus movement. They value craftsmanship and advocate natural fabrics for the design of their handmade garments and limited edition objects. Useful art, slow fashion that finds in hats a form of artistic expression. Earthy colours and blacks in search of balance and elegance, always giving prominence to their groundbreaking shapes. Being faithful to themselves and betting on the most artistic pieces has helped them to conquer international design temples such as Browns in London or the emblematic Harrods department store. They are highly valued internationally, especially in the United States, France and England.

Eli is a designer and Nacho a photographer. Both consider themselves self-taught and mutually nourish each other and their travels. Catalan and Uruguayan are also inspired by the traditions, folklore and crafts of each place. They started ten years ago and live and work in Barcelona where they have their workshop, a space as unique as their pieces where they create, sell and receive. They make each piece. Only in limited edition productions for shops do they delegate part of the process to seamstresses in Barcelona, but 90% is done by their own hands. In the confinement they began to develop a purely artistic line in which they created unique and unrepeatable pieces that they published on their Instagram profile.

These sculptural works began to be acquired by international fashion and art collectors. This has opened up a new paradigm and a new look into the future.

Increasingly, they will focus on the creation of unique artistic works. In addition, they will soon open their first point of sale in Madrid, in the Corte Inglés de Serrano, in March. Artisans, creative and honest as their brand conveys.  They are part of the new generation of artists of the 21st century where there are no frontiers.


A boutique real estate agency specialising in unique properties that showcases contemporary architecture and specialises in signature homes. It promotes a lifestyle in which architecture, design and art converge to create a unique experience. Its lines of business are the purchase and sale of unique properties, they make some special properties from their real estate portfolio profitable with events and filming, and they are the creators of a collection of holiday signature houses.

Commitment to art as an engine of transformation


The Sibarist finds unique properties for unique living or working projects. The search for each property is tailor-made because The Sibarist’s philosophy is that of a small boutique.

From his passion and connection with art, ART U READY was born in 2016. Framed in the CSR section, it is a platform to give visibility to emerging artists with a transversal and peripheral view, aligned with values that improve society. Its projects for 2022 are focused on promoting transversality and blurring boundaries in art. They define themselves as a constantly evolving cell of ideas that fuse architecture, art, design, technology, education and awareness.

This proposal is driven by The Sibarist Property & Homes, as organiser and main sponsor.


Its origins date back to the mid-19th century. It is believed to have been built by a great lover of botany, the Marquis of Casa Jiménez. Located in the courtyard of what was once his residence, a stately building from the beginning of the 19th century, its two large chestnut trees bear witness to its past. Converted today into a contemporary space, El Invernadero conserves its original iron structure, greyish in colour and with a markedly French air. It is the headquarters of the real estate boutique The Sibarist, where they also hold events for prestigious firms and their ART U READY exhibitions.



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