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From July the 1st to the end of September, in an iconic property for sale in the late 60's at the Golden Mile in Madrid

Ángel de la Peña is an artist with great sensitivity that does not leave you indifferent. His resume is impressive. With a great international artistic career behind him (he has exhibited in prestigious galleries around the world), this artist collects numerous awards and can presume that his work is in important collections, both institutional and private, in Spain and abroad. Remember with great affection and meaning to be part of the Collection of the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses, Juan Carlos I Exhibition Center and internationally enter the Collections of the European Royal Houses.

However, he is not impressed by his achievements. He is the one of always, an artist with the feet in the land that does not stop to work and that enjoys immersed in his estudio.

He speaks of this exhibition with the same illusion of the artist who exposes for the first time. This one is very special to him; It is dedicated to his parents.

Angel studied architecture, but immediately devoted himself to painting, his great passion. In his process of creation he keeps something that makes us think that architecture has left an imprint on him, perhaps his sketches, his order, how he classifies his works … he also bears his imprint, since his father was also an architect.

With this exhibition, in addition to paying homage to his parents, Ángel looks for his origins, choosing for this the house located in an iconic building of Madrid’s architecture and the witness of his adolescence, the Girasol building, designed by the prestigious architect José Antonio Coderch de Sentmenat en 1966.

Today this property is for sale and can be visited with the artist’s exhibition.

Images of the Girasol building, located on Calle Ortega y Gasset, corner of Lagasca. Photos by Javier de Paz

The façade has been recently restored and at the moment it is impeccable. For Ángel, this house symbolizes a shelter from the outside, a place to escape the noise and asphalt.

Detail of the living room and the terrace

The light that this house projects on his work for him is very special as well as the effect of the color of his works on these walls. They enhance this space even more by flooding it with life.

Curved lines, walls and chimney

Art and space blend into this particular tribute, closing a process for both if possible, opening a new stage for the buyer who falls in love with this unique house and why not, with some of Ángel’s works to inspire his new life in this wonderful house.

Detail of the library

Ángel’s work is tremendously symbolic. He does not explain it. He prefers that each viewer be carried away by his own sensations.

Main room

Algunos relate you to great artists such as Dalí or Miró. De Miró identifies with the creation of figures that float on the background of his compositions, however Angel is inspired especially in nature, especially in the sea. The use of primary colors elaborated by him is another of his identity marks. Ángel never knows what he is going to paint when he starts a new work, he lets himself be led by his most unconscious side, but his technique is far from improvisation.

He is an artist with his own style, self-taught and free. We could spend hours contemplating his works. They transmit balance and harmony.

“I especially like the craft process of the work. It’s what I enjoy the most. ” Ángel de la Peña.

He manufactures his canvases and carefully chooses the papers he paints on, he tells us while showing us an old Indian paper in which he has captured one of his drawings.

He enjoys a lot of each process, even going to graphically relate it to create a complete work.

The exhibition is intimate. A face-to-face encounter with the essence of the artist and his universe of memories, which dance like never before in space.

Ángel de la Peña. Photo by Rebeca Patillas Sobrino

Details of fragments of his works. Photos by Rebeca Patillas Sobrino

About the artist

Ángel de la Peña (Madrid, 1955) studied at the School of Architecture of Madrid, combining his studies at the university with his pictorial training. He was awarded the first prize in Analysis of Forms II, as He works best to be part of a collective exhibition in Las Descalzas Reales de Madrid 1980. He researches new pictorial techniques in a self-taught way. At the end of his career he works together as a painter and architect. Since 2001 he has been exclusively dedicated to painting.

About Girasol building

This emblematic building is always oriented to the exterior and is designed to make the most of the daylight, hence it was called the Girasol building. In this building each house is different and this use was achieved by turning the axis of each unit towards noon, calculating this turn according to the favorable and unfavorable positions of the sun throughout the day and year.

Another distinguishing feature of this building is that each floor has a private access elevator, which adds a degree to the concept of exclusivity, as well as its location in the golden mile of Madrid, calle Ortega y Gasset 23, on the corner of Calle Lagasca. Its curved lines, large common garden areas, large windows, carpentry … remind us of the incomparable style of the late 60’s more sophisticated, so fashionable today. In this building everything is design and shows good taste.

About the property for sale

This unique property of 318 m2 is located on a fifth floor, has 3 bedrooms plus one service, 4 bathrooms, large terrace and two parking spaces in the same building. With an update, it would recover the splendor of its golden age, increasing its appeal if a landscaping project was also carried out on its large terrace, which could become one of the most prime homes in Madrid.

Más información

Main hall

Rounded corners, designed by architect José Antonio Coderch

Visits by appointment, (initially until the end of September).

Visits contact: info@thesibarist.com. Phone: 308 40 50.

Artist: www.angeldelapena.com 

Photographies: Javier de Paz y Rebeca Patillas Sobrino.

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