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"Espacios interiores", a piece created to present Misael del Rosario

A proposal that combines contemporary dance and original music around the exhibition of the artist Misael del Rosario, in a singular, magical, almost narrative space: a greenhouse (El Invernadero The Sibarist) from the middle of the 19th century.

Performance direction: Macarena Girón
Original musical direction and composition: Carolina Hengstenberg
Visual concept, lighting and sound: Domo Madrid
Dancers: Alba G. Herrera, from Cía. Alba González and Ana Endorzaín, dancers and choreographers of the duo Sombras. Aarón Martín Pozo, actor and dancer of contemporary dance and stage director of Cía.

Photographer: Borja Jaume

“My B-side is a place where sometimes, I don’t recognise myself
I need to inhabit it and submerge myself,
to listen only to the depths of my own inner self.
In its corners, I find a silence
sometimes dense and confusing,
others placid and comforting.
A space of dark and empty earth, possible and fertile.
Like the seed that does not know it is a flower,
from within everything takes shape,
And so it takes shape outside,
And what is in me is what I inhabit,
is what I show.
And from my shadow, I create.”

Macarena Girón

Photographer: Nahuel Furrer

Macarena Girón

Dancer, creator, journalist, she develops her artistic facet by taking dance to unconventional, unconventional spaces, through performative actions that rely on a set of approaches to weave together and dress spaces, ideas, contexts, always Art in Motion. Artistic Director Complutum Danza Company (2013-2015), currently freelance, she brings together for ART U READY a multidisciplinary team of dancers, actors, original music and lighting design.

Carolina Hengstenberg

Composer, arranger and musical director born in Madrid. After studying in Spain at the Katarina Gurská Conservatory and at the Escuela de Música Creativa, she completed her studies in Composition, Film Scoring and Orchestra Conducting at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. There she was awarded in the specialities of Counterpoint and Arranging. During her stay in the United States, she worked as orchestrator for the Christmas concert at Carnegie Hall in New York, and as musical director of Grease in Boston. She is a composer and co-founder of the Los Angeles-based animation and music studio Bubblegum Cartoons. Carolina’s musical journey has led her to be an eclectic composer, embracing diverse styles such as classical, contemporary, electronic, jazz, blues, soul and flamenco.

Photographer: Borja Jaume 
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