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The exhibition will take place in 2020 from February 24 to 29

“Tez” pays tribute to the natural passage of time through our skin, an allegory of life as an indivisible part of our planet.

Art U Ready exhibits during ARCO, “Tez”, a project by the artist Carla Cascales Alimbau. This showing is included in its cycle of exhibitions where the focus is placed on the planet and the connection of the human being with its environment and its influence on it. The exhibition will take place at its headquarters, El Invernadero, located on 11, San Lorenzo St, in Madrid.

This exhibition makes us think about our consumption habits, highlighting the long-lasting products versus the fashion slavery, since the most sustainable product is the one that is designed to last longer.

Through this exhibition the artist explores, on one hand, ideas such as the erroneous concept of the fugacity of beauty, valuing the transformation we experience throughout life, understanding the deterioration and imperfections as the experiences that are reflected in our skin, which make us unique. On the other hand, this proposal claims that we should not protect nature as something external to us, except that we are an indivisible part of our environment and, therefore, taking care of it is taking care of ourselves.

For this, the artist proposes a poetic installation designed for this space that will be shown for the first time within the framework of ARCO. A floating universe created from large format canvases made only with natural materials such as the latex used, extracted from tree resins: that is how Cascales obtains textures that remind us of our own skin and invite us to reconnect with our essence. She includes in its proposal ceramic sculptures made with a potter’s wheel, whose colours are obtained from natural pigments of the earth.

Carla Cascales Alimbau (1989, Barcelona)

Artist who loves simplicity, minimalism and brutalism. She tries to reach the essence of materials and forms in all his artworks. Her intention is to find balance and beauty in the naturalness of the materials themselves and in their irregularities.

Her work consits in the constant search of the essence to achieve the autenticity, highlighting the beauty of the imperfection.

Design and architecture encourage this artist, very influenced by Japanese culture.

Carla Cascales Alimbau in an emerging artist with a promising artistic career who has exhibited her artwork in cities as Los Ángeles, New York and London, especifically at the Tappan Gallery (2018) and at the new headquarters of We Collect (2019) in the british capital. In Spain she had art showings in places such as Fundació La Caixa (2018), the Barcelona Design Museum (2018) and Matadero (2019).


Opening: 24th of February, 7 pm to 10 pm.

Exhibition hours from 25th to 29th of February: from 11 am to 7 pm.

Location: El Invernadero. 11, San Lorenzo St. 28004. Madrid.



Its origin dates back to the middle of the 19th century. It is believed that it was built by a great lover of botany,  the Marqués de Casa Jiménez. Located in the courtyard of what was once his residence, a stately building from the beginning of the nineteen century, its two chestnuts bear witness to its past. Today, it has become in a contemporary space, el Invernadero preserves its original metallic structure in a greyish color and typically french-style. It´s the headquarters of The Sibarist, a real state boutique, specialized in singular properties.


This is an action platform that gives visibility to artists with values, and which main objective is to improve our society. Its 2019-2020 projects are focused on raising calls for action on the current issues that involve all of us.

They define themselves as cell of ideas in constant evolution merging together architecture, art, design, technology, education and consciousness. They serve as talent catalysts, a platform that gives visibility to creators with a cross-cutting look and a peripheral vision aligning values that improve our society. Consistent with their principles, they stand out for their unique and defined artistic vision, as well as for finding singular spaces for each event and artist.

This proposal was developed by The Sibarist Property & Homes and M-ARTE, as creators, organizers and main sponsors.


The Sibarist Property & Homes is a real estate boutique with unique properties that values ​​contemporary architecture and enhances signature houses.

They introduce art in all the projects that design and promote artistic projects with values ​​that improve society through their ART U READY platform of which they are co-founders.

Their business lines are the purchase and sale of unique properties, search and management of special locations for events and shootings, and they are creators of a collection of holiday author houses.



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