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For the second consecutive year, art, architecture, interior design and contemporary design came together in Chueca during the week of 20-26 February.

Five unique spaces in the triangle formed by San Mateo, San Lorenzo and Hortaleza streets opened up to the street to share experiences and creation through ART U READY, a unique event framed in the week in which contemporary art is the undisputed protagonist of Madrid.

Nacho Carbonell took part in the round table at the start of ART U READY.

“Art and design, that thin red line.” A new feature this year is that we are incorporating the figure of collecting into our round table. In homage to Argentina, ARCO’s guest country, we have invited the Argentine collector Juan Sendino.

Artists such as Frederik Takkenberg, Robert Handgrave and Fernanda Fragateiro, dialogues of architecture and interior design, unique private spaces, hidden gardens that cease to be secret for a week. Welcome Design and Hat Bar by Hendrick’s in the courtyard at 5 San Lorenzo St. The Sibarist 1870 at 20 San Lorenzo St. El Invernadero The Sibarist, Heinrich Ehrhardt and Elba Benítez at 11 San Lorenzo St. Travesía Cuatro at 16 San Mateo St. The Foundation Fernando de Castro at 15 San Mateo St. and Domesticoshop at 102 Hortaleza St.

AGENDA ART U READY: from 20 to 26 February.

20 February: Round table. Wunderhouse Residence (The Sibarist 1870 space). 07:00 p.m. – 08:00 p.m. Speakers: Nacho Carbonell (artist), Héctor Ruiz Velázquez (architect), Juan Sendino (Argentinian collector), Antonio Jesús Luna (Editor of Room Diseño magazine and moderator). Artist Giacomo Sargenti, who accompanied us making a live comic of the round table.
Address: 20 San Lorenzo St.

20 February: Artist: Iván Montero. The round table was followed by the opening of the artist’s exhibition at El Invernadero.
The exhibition “Soy de agua, soy de piedra, took place from 20 to 23 February.
Address: 11 San Lorenzo St., courtyard.

20 February: Heinrich Ehrhardt Gallery. Artist: Herbert Brandl
We were able to visit this exhibition from 21 January to 11 March.
Address: 11 San Lorenzo St., courtyard.

22 February: Fernando de Castro Foudation. Artist: Javier Riera and its nature projections. At the same event we held a charity auction in favour of the non-profit association “Debajo del sombrero”, which supports artists with intellectual disabilities.
Address: 15 San Mateo St.

23 February: Doméstico Shop. Exclusive presentation of the Raf Simons collection for Kvadrat.
Address: 102 Hortaleza St.

23 February: Welcome Design formed by Envés Diseño, More and More Design and the Room Diseño magazine. Artist: Robert Hardgrave.
One day exhibition
Address: 5 San Lorenzo St.

24 February: Travesía Cuatro Gallery. Artist: Donna Huanca.
We were able to see this exhibition until 29 April.
Address: 16 San Mateo St.

24 February: Elba Benítez Gallery. Artist: Fernanda Fragateiro
Exhibition from 24 February to mid-April.
Address: 11 San Lorenzo St., courtyard.

24 February: The Sibarist Pop Up. Artist: Carla Hoet.
Exhibition from 24 to 26 February.
Address: 11 San Lorenzo St.

24 February: El Invernadero The Sibarist. Artists: Frederik Takkenberg and Anna Domingo Enrich.
Exhibition from 24 to 25 February.
Address: 11 San Lorenzo St., courtyard.

HAT BAR BY HENDRICK’S: The former Hat Bar opened for three days as a Hendrick’s pop-up in collaboration with ART U READY, becoming the meeting point for all our afterworks and art lovers during those days in Madrid. Our ART U READY Bar was open from 22nd to 24th February. Opening hours from 08:00 p.m. to 01:00 a.m.
Address: 5 San Lorenzo St.

ART U READY ended on Sunday 26th with the exhibition by Carla Hoet.

Thanks to Domo Madrid for bringing light, colour and sound to this second edition which, thanks to everyone, we closed with great success.

Fotografías: Carlos Horcajada
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