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The healthiest pizza. 2019 July's gastro-recommendation.

We approached Pizzi & Dixie, chef Nacho Sánchez’s second project, which after Botanique and after a long investigation decided to turn around and create the first Italian vegan restaurant in Madrid.

His cuisine is based on the best vegetable raw material. They do not use any product of animal origin.

Since the beginning their gastronomic offer surprises us. In addition to his Italian menu, Nacho offers other dishes that follow the line of research of his old Botanique: watermelon gazpacho and if you like hamburgers, have in mind the Veggie Burger, made with lentils or the fresh Incorporated Beyond Burguer, vegetable burger that is characterized by its high protein intake (20g, like a steak) and the absence of gluten and GMO. It is made from vegetable proteins from peas and soybeans, of texture and flavor almost identical to the animal hamburger.

Different dishes that are delicious at the same time.

Beyond burguer

We can find delicious purple potato gnocchi with pumpkin sauce, yellow curry tagliatelle and black garlic, gluten-free pasta and suitable for coeliacs with different sauces (pumpkin, curry, pesto, truffle or textured soybean ragu), mushroom risotto, until get to their famous pizzas can choose between different masses: normal, gluten-free, whole, or active carbon … a type of fermentation that has become fashionable in Italy in recent years that gives the dough a black color and whose consumption is recommended to regulate cholesterol or as an antiaging method, among others. The unrefined integral dough is high in fiber and the gluten-free is made from corn flour and rice.

One of the things that caught our attention is how the texture of the cheese gets. It is a vegan cheese made from vegetable fats such as coconut oil. In fact, not only is it very successful but it also stands out for its similar texture to traditional cheese. Another advantage is that it digests more easily.

Its tomato sauce is another of its strengths that is made with the Pelati variety at its optimum ripeness point; so its flavor is exquisite and balanced without the need for any added sugars.

“We take great care of the selection of the product, the cream is organic rice, we use Dolce peppers very juicy and sweet taste, French onion confit in balsamic cream, fresh seaweed such as sea lettuce or the codium that tastes like barnacle. Our bet is the high quality seasonal product.Nacho Sánchez

Espagueti arrabiata

To finish we also look at their desserts. The chef’s recommendations are the Ferrero Rocher cake, chocolate coulant, sweet pizza made with hazelnut praline, fruit and vegan cream or the nutritious raw fruit cake Nutri Cake.

Ferrero Rocher

And if you dare with cocktails, they have created a menu with original mixes such as Gin Sour Pesto (gin, basil and licorice syrup, lemon juice and ginger siropre), Mara Tai (mix of white and aged rum with syrup of almonds and passion fruits, dry orange, lime and bitter aphrodisiac) or the Living Cocktail, the alcohol-free option made with kombucha fermented with orange and tonka bean, and strawberry juice.

To taste that cocktail moment and change We recommend you to step on its authentic sandy “beach”, located on the ground floor of the venue.

Amazing colors and flavors and a healthy cuisine.

Its gastronomic offer can be consulted in its web.

Price menu: € 11.50.

Average letter price: € 15-25

Address: 16, San Vicente Ferrer St. 28004. Madrid.

Web Pizzie Dixie

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