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Gastro recommendation of June 2019


“Real Food, Real People” is the motto of this restaurant that we never get tired of. Since they opened their doors we are regular and unconditional customers, especially on daily days since it is also next to our studio. We love it and that’s why we chose it as a recommendation of the month. We hope you like it as much as we do!

The American Christopher Fuchs, the Danish Rasmus B. and the Gallic-born chef Benjamin Bensoussan, entrepreneurs and gastronomy lovers, frustrated by not finding a space of healthy and delicious food, fast and affordable, they decided to create it themselves.

The gestation lasted three years, and involved selecting by hand, ingredients of small farmers, travel the world in search of culinary inspiration, to finally design healthy and innovative dishes and that they respect all types of diets and pockets . Thanks to their different backgrounds and experiences ranging from working in the kitchen of the best Michelin star restaurants, entrepreneurship in series of technology companies or the training of waiters, they have developed a conscious company in constant evolution.

Their food is always seasonal, fresh, not processed and without additives, preservatives or added sugars. It is a place to eat local foods and produce responsibly, where they respect varied diets and offer a large number of gluten-free dishes, vegans, plant-based and paleos.

Their food is grown, raised and processed in the environment. With this work, they not only contribute to their cuisine, but also to the development of the rural environment and environmental care while fostering culinary and healthy leisure and culture.

The menu options are divided into two steps. First, you choose between a Market Plate with a protein base -with options such as poultry, veal from the mountains of Miraflores, wild tuna tataki from the north of Spain, homemade falafel or tofu, or, on the other hand, a Garden bowl or Salad – with superfoods such as kale, avocado, spelled or quinoa. After choosing the base, you choose if you add more protein and then season your plate to taste with various garnishes. They also have delicious dishes to share, either seasonal or other safe bets such as the hummus of the week or the charcoal-grilled leek. If you still want more, you can complement it with a dessert or Healthy Snacks.

And to drink? Infused and homemade water -free filling- made with fruits, fresh herbs and honey, without added sugars, cold press juices prepared daily by them as well as Spanish wines. Honest Greens also offer breakfast with varied and original options, both salty and sweet , for around 5 euros.

You can opt for toast -from the Honest Pan Tumaca to Pear & Lemon Ricotta- for a bowl full of fruits and proteins, or even pancakes.


Do you need another reason to try it? They’ve just released their summer season menu!


Photographies: Honest Greens


100 Hortaleza Street. Madrid

Monday to Friday: 8: 30h – 00h

Saturday and Sunday: 9: 30h – 00h

Price: 10-15 euros.

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