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Paris/64 presents its collection in Madrid

PARIS/64 turned El Invernadero into a cafeteria this past 18 November

PARIS/64 presented their collection of handmade bags, shoes and clothing #MadeInSpain. To do so, they held a showroom event at El Invernadero, recreating a Parisian cafe where we were able to sample the delights of the bakery Maison Kayser.

PARIS/64 is a Made in Spain brand, handcrafted and responsibly manufactured with quality leathers and fabrics in local workshops (such as Cadiz or Alicante). They seek inspiration in the classic and vintage Parisian retro spirit.

They strongly believe that less is more, their brand of clothing is: «Unique, exclusive, limited edition. We like to create special pieces that are real treasures in your wardrobe. We are committed to responsible, quality fashion. Fewer garments but that will be with you for years to come.»

We would like to thank all of you for your trust, especially to All About Management.

Photos: Rebeca Patillas Sobrino
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